personal workout at gym


My name is Sergey and I am from Moldova,Republic of. I have selected a workout which in which supposed that I should train my upperBody twice a week and same for the lower body.

I have changed workout from 4 day to: first week: 1 and 2 day I do upper body, third just running, abs and some fitness. second week: 1 and 2 lower body, third day again fithness.DSo,I have splitted 1 week to two,because I am busy at work.

Did I do correct? Will I have a progress on that workout?

thank you in advance

Thanks for the question Sergey. The main purpose for the way the programs are written is specifically so that you dont have to change things. However, feel free to use however you like. The reason for the twice per week is because research has shown that training certain muscle groups more than once per week can be more beneficial than just once per week although debate still goes on. It really depends on your goal. These programs you will notice that when you do execute the same muscle group in the same week the exercises are completely different which allows for different loads to placed on the muscles depending on which areas for instance you want to hit. For example, if you perform back squats one day and then during the week perfrom front squats it very simple to understand why. Back squats place more of an emphasis on the glutes and hamstrings than front squats do while front squats place more load on the front thigh or the quadriceps. Even foot placement can emphasize different muscles in both exercises. Because most goals are to perform these two types of squats without muscle fatigue each might be listed separately. However yet again it all depends on your goal. On a leg day you might perform BOTH Front and Back squats.

For now feel free to change up as you want as long as it works for you. If not, then My recommendation would be to follow as listed and outlined.