Pain in forearm/insdie elbow

I have pain in my right arm when doing many exercises. It feels like it is in the ebow but if I had to guess I would say it is probably forearm/tendon. I’m right handed and generally I now find that I can lift more with my left arm. Pain is worse when arm is bicept is flexed and hard is turned plam up. Other than stopping lifting for a while is there anything else I can do (light lifting or streatching) to help it heal. Someone also suggested wearing a brace (like guys who golf wear for golfer’s elbow) when lifting and was wondering if that would help or would just become a crutch.

Does it hurt when you squeeze and let go of a barbell etc??? If so this is called your interosis Membrane in between the Ulna and Radius. t can become inflamed and actually cause pain for quite sometime. if its more in the elbow then you might be getting tennis elbow which is pain in the Medial Collateral Ligament in the elbow. Once again time and ice can help in this case, Youc an wear a brace, but i dont encourage supportive braces in the gym as you are right it can constrict certain muscles from fully contracting etc…when you play sports its different as you are not exercising the muscles, rather just need to keep your joints and body safe.