custom workout setup on the site

mike, i appreciate you answering my question on facebook. i’m taking your advice and creating a new training program. when i go to workouts there are already workouts listed. how do i ‘reset’ or begin to customize? i can do it with the nutrition plan but not for the workouts. i also upgraded my account. what are some of the benefits to this? thanks i appreciate your input…

Sorry for the delay here. One man show. LOL anyhow, thank you for taking the time to take my advice and start using the plans. The Upgrade allows you to get access to all the demonstrations of each exercise, download and sync with the calendar for tracking through your email and also the ability to use the custom nutrition. ok, so as far as your question regarding the workouts. once you click on the workout section watch the video for instruction on the plans. If your goals change you can edit your profile at the top and make the changes. Every 30 days you get a new plan that follows right along with the laws of periodization. even if your goals change i take that into consideration so that you do not totally regress backwards. Just start with the very first month listed and follow along. even if a new plan releases dont worry as its on a time sequential auto-responder to make sure you always have access to the month you SHOULD be on. Just keep the momentum going each week and month and follow along. Its that simple

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