What is the best way to organize my workouts?

Hi, my name is Marcelo, 35, and had been working out for about a year but then I fell of the wagon, so to speak. I have adjustable dumbbells at home (up to 50 lbs per dumbbell) and a Total Gym machine, and I want to get back on track, but some of the things I noticed about m workouts are: 1) I can be very impatient and get discouraged easily if i don’t see results right away, and 2) I read several magazines and articles in order to come up with a good workout plan, but it is very overwhelming!! Plus all the articles guarantee to be “the best.”

So my question is, how can I organize my workouts (both at home and at the gym) so I can feel I’m making progress and that i’m also doing the correct (good) exercises. As far as my goals right now, i need to loose fat (about 20 lbs), lower my cholesterol and from there i would like to build muscle.

Thank you very much!!

Marcelo, Its hard to stay motivated. But your problem lies in structure. Honestly WIth limited equipment I would also invest in the bands number one because of the numerous benefits that you can get from training with them. Number two because I have Exclusive workout programs written that use the Bands and nothing else. In any case, browse through the workouts on the site and start following the program. The easiest is to follow the Gym or Ball and Band plans. With the gym plans I use mostly barbells and dumbbells as those are always available in most settings, so in your case follow it only swap out the Barbell exercises and use the Dumbbells instead. But FOLLOW the structured plan under the workout category.