Which band set?

I have an Inspire fitness full smith system with functional trainer and dual weight stacks. I have free weights for the smith and my barbell. I had an incline/decline bench that comes with the smith system as well as an easy curl bar and some other attachments. I also have powerblock dumbbells. I have watched some of your videos with the bands and looking at the site am having a hard time determining what set I should get. FYI, I’m approaching 53 and am 5.7" and about 150 (about 10% bodyfat) when cut and up to about 165 when bulking.

Which band set would you recommend given the equipment I have. FYI I’ve been working out hard for about 4 years now (after taking a 18 year break).

Bodylastics hands down the absolute best http://www.workouttrainer.com/equipment