Hey Mike

We’ve met in the TO 24 hour fitness but I moved to Redding. Love your stuff bro. I wanted to upgrade but was unable to find the difference in terms between annual subscriptions and monthly subscriptions with you. Also, wanted to figure out how much access we get to you or what the drill is. Any further info is much appreciated. Thanks Mike.


Sure thing brother. Im glad that you like the info. thats why I do it. The difference with the subscriptions are that with the upgrade you have a few different options. The Custom workouts that are written (which i spent 8 years writing)under GYM and Ball and Band programs are the monthly periodized plans that are based on your goals. so you get access to these plans as well as the ability to click on any exercises and geta full description in case you ned to know how to do it. Next you get the advanced Nutrition meal planner which allows you to get custom meal plans based on the foods you like and the goals you have. Finally, you can then upload these workouts and other notifications into your calendar on the site and sync with your outlook, gmail etc…so you have notifications and or reminders of when and what you need to do daily to stay on track. Everything else and all the other workouts are of course 100 free to use. Send me your email to mike_mcerlane@hotmail.com and I will upgrade you on the workout part. The nutritional part actually has a hard cost to me so i cant upgrade that part for free but everything else I can.