Help Needed!

Hi there, i have been watching your videos for quite sometime and i have learned a lot from them but i have been always questioning if these workout programs are ok for my lifestyle.. i am a crew member i travel a lot and not all the hotels i stay have gyms or simply they are just a joke, my sleeping habits are not normal like a regular human being if you know what i mean, and even worst “eating habits” are crazy i eat on the go and what i can, i have been succesful to keep my weight so far but i wish i could do better because i know i can.. i like going to the gym but i get disappointed because i cant see results and maybe because all of the above mentioned but i try to find motivation from within sometimes being succesful and sometimes not because i am too tired of flying.. now out of all that you have mentioned in your videos sounds great for a person working and having a daily normal life but for a man like me it seems it aint working out.. my goal is to have a hard ripped body like every man outthere.. what can i do?. the max days off i have are 2 or maybe 3 then in my days i am working i cant always count on a gym or a semi good gym to work out but i try my best.. if there is anything you can advise me to do and maybe achieve my goal it would be highly appreicated..


Well you need to dedicate at least an hour 4 days per week to get good results. If you travel quite a bit and dont have equipment then I suggest getting the bodylastics bands and following the Band workouts here on the site.