Love the site and all the good workout programs. I did have a specific question regarding squats. I am almost 50 and have had several knee surgeries with the last one happening in May. While these surgeries have mostly been cleaning up cartilage problems, they still cause me issues. Going forward my doc and orthopedic have asked me to stop squatting, but I just can’t seem to give up the exercise.

That said, when I squat these days, I struggle to get a full range of motion. Even with the lightest of weight, I can’t dip to parallel without my knees “barking.” In the workouts that call for squats, would it be OK to use “cheater” squats or half squats? Or should I move to a incline sled machine? Or do you have another idea to help me maximize the muscle group without killing my knees?

Hopefully this is not a new question. I’m sure there are other folks who have had knee problems, but still want to work their legs.

Also, if there is a video on the subject or exercise to perform, that would be wonderful to see.

Thanks in advance!


Im so sorry for the delay in getting back to you. been slammed lately. yes in your case alternating the exercise or changing the ROM is perfectly fine if you are limited physically. Of course squatting should not put added load to your knee if you are keeping the shank (tibia, and fibula) lower leg from tracking over the toe. much can be done to actually increase knee stability and help with the ROM from squatting. it sounds like you have scar tissue from partial meniscus tears in the knee which would result in the “barking” you are experiencing. Go ahead and swap what you can and keep me posted on how youa re doing! :–)