Sean Faris-Functional Training

Sean is one of the original pioneers that sat down with Mike McErlane to develop the concept of Workout At that time both Mike and Sean came up with the original business plan and strategy that has resulted in what you see today. Sean has been a Fitness Professional for over 13 years in multiple states all throughout the Country (USA). He has trained more than 2,000 clients throughout his career and has certifications in NCSA-CPT, Titleist Performance Institute, NASM and AFAA. Sean specializes in corrective and functional training as well as post rehabilitation and sports conditioning training. He has spent the last 10 years both on and off the field training clients who do not necessarily have an entire gym at their disposal. If you are looking to engage with an expert who knows how to make any environment applicable for working out and getting into shape, Sean is your man.
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