Exercise Battle: Dumbbell Shoulder Press

Apr 21, 2011
Exercise Battle: Dumbbell Shoulder Press

Bench or Stability Ball? We look at the pros and cons.

Which to use, which to use?

The bench is the standard when it comes to lifting weights but could you robbing yourself of extra muscle development and increased weight loss by not considering your options? After all the stability ball is now becoming a staple in most every gym and health club from Los Angeles to New York. And if you are looking to workout at home the stability ball is usually cheaper but for some reason though you seem to be stronger on the bench you say!

Quite the dilemma we have here isn't it?

Lets look at the benefits of both. The dumbbell press on a bench provides stability and allows you to focus only on the concentric and eccentric (the up and down) part of the exercise. With your feet planted firmly on the ground and your butt planted firmly on the bench you are free to do the exercise while maintaining perfect form. The stability of using the bench allows you to use a higher amount of weight when doing the exercise.

On the other side of the fence is the stability ball. The name stability ball is a little misleading since it really creates instability in the exercise. Studies show that while doing the shoulder press on the stability ball there is actually more upper back activation as well as shoulder development.

To incorporate your core into the exercise so that you burn more calories, work your shoulders AND firm up your stomach and sides, try bringing your feet together on the floor as close as you can to create the most instability.

Oh how fun!

This battle of the exercises ends like one of those grade school foot races you did when you were a kid. It doesn't matter who came in first because even the last place kid gets a ribbon and is declared a winner. The best option is to alternate the two exercises so yes, they are both winners.

The bench will allow you to use more weight and it turn more muscle development but the stability ball forces you to recruit more stabilizer and core muscles so you work more as well as burn more calories.

Having a well-rounded workout program is key so that you do not get bored and so that your body doesn't become accustomed to the same old routine and stop progressing. Check out the Trainer Section for more exercises to help add spice to your workout!

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