Cardio Alone good for Heart Health?

Hi Shannon,

I am planning a heart healthy life style and exercise is the one area where I need some guidance.

My question is what kind of exercises are good for hearth health? I have heard that we should only do cardio exercises alone and doing weight lifting does not play enough role on your hearth health. Is it true?

What about HIIT training? should doing it with cardio is better for heart than your weight lifting version of HIIT?

Also can we burn fat effectively alone with cardio? I think you can’t activate most of the muscles alone with cardio. Do we need to balance between weight lifting and cardio? Or alone cardio is sufficient?

Please advise.

HIIT is the best you can do to burn fat and build lean muscle. Research has shown that an hour of steady cardio burns less than half of what resistance training in combined with short bout of high intense cardio does in the same amount of time.

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