Degenerative Disc Disease and Cervical fact stenosis

Enter Article Text here             I am 67 years old and have exercised with weights for years . Within the past year I have developed a low back condition . Whenever I bend forward I experience pain. I have been told it is my psoas  muscle.  It has gotten to the point that if a bend down to pick up one of my dogs I experience back pain when I try to come up from lifting them. I still try to exercises but some days I have to take off because of the back pain.  Could this problem be a core problem and not my back condition. A list of exercises to try to rid myself of this dilemma would greatly be appreciated.

Well first i would consult with your doctor as dealing with the spine can be tricky is it is not properly diagnosed and or not muscle. The Psoas could be the culprit. i would do ball squats to help strengthen your core and work on your lower leg development. Additionally I would do Planks. Both of these movements can be found in these links.