I want to look like I'm going to compete in a show.

Hello Mike, I have been following your tips and training site for quite some time now. I have been doing the monthly workouts that you have designed in all form. I am currently on month 5 and I have been seeing great transformation all around.  I would consider myself pretty experienced with the weight room but not a trained professional. I was a basketball player up to collegiate level and I was pretty athletic. Slim build and very strong. However I have never weighed alot.  Recently I have dropped down from 205 to 192 since I started the monthly workouts. I have always had a little bit of body fat so I have been trying to undercut that by reducing the carbs and keeping my diet consistent. Which pretty much stays the same. My question is that I want to look really cut but not have to get so skinny to get there. My shirts still fit the same on the arms and my waist size has gotten smaller also.. I just am afraid to get down to 190. I kind of need some direction or guidance on how to still increase my size but still look lean without adding extra fat…  Is that usually the case for someone who is training to get cut before a show? The one thing I have done this last month was not eat so much throughout the day.. To eat only when I’m hungry. Some mornings thought I will wake up at 8 and workout about 11 or 12 on a empty stomach and eat within the two hours. Is that ok? Basically I have been trying to not be so dependent on food these last few months. It’s kind of frustrating also because so many people are taking illegal things these days it kind of makes my workouts meaningless when there body is changing day to day and mine month to month. Although I am really strong all around I would still like to look the part that looks like I know what I’m doing.  People give me compliments on my fitness and tell me I look in good shape but I guess we are never satisifed with how we look.

Thanks for the question and I am glad that you are following the workouts. They will produce results. first its normal never to be satisfied, so do not feel alone. You need to make sure that food is not the enemy. I myself have certain food allergies and know how you can negate eating for fear of some sort. The rule is to eat less, but eat often. Stay away from breads, beer, etc….eat more fruit, vegetables, fish, chicken. Food in its most natural form. Do this. FOllow this routine to the T over the next few weeks. http://www.workouttrainer.com/home/ebooks/shortcut-to-size