does cardio hinder muscle growth?

Hi Mike,

I typically do cardio 5-6 days a week.  I love to run, but do it only 2x a week because I've read where running isn't good if you want to add muscle.

I also incorporate 2-3 of HIIT training and a day on the elliptical.

Can you tell me what is true in regard to this subject, I've heard so many different things.



Hi Michelle, So sorry for the delay in your question. The best cardio advice that actually has research backing the legitimacy would be to either perform cardio in the morning on an empty stomach if you are breaking up your cardio aside form weight training. If not then your best bet is to incorporate short bouts of High Intensity Interval training or as you know HIIT. Running is great and don’t stop, but if you want a kick butt workout try this one.