leg training

Mr.Mike McEarlane, I'm a struggling fitness enthusiast who has an ectomorph form, reason I'm telling you this because no matter how hard I train, no matter how well I diet, my legs are the hardest to work with and as a result, they look extremely skinny, what can you suggest as far as ideas or tips and tricks to get my legs bigger and hopefully alot more stronger?

Sometimes genetics can play a role against us but that doesn’t mean you can’t tech your greatst potential. First are you training legs at leat twice per week? What program are you doing? If your doing one of mine from this site then you should be in good shape. If not then what exercises are you doin and do you know how to combine specific ones in a structured plan to give you the best chance at growing in the areas you want? How is your technique as this can certainly be the result of lagging body parts. Depending on the answers to these question I can avoid going back and forth and tell you that thy all make the difference in the results we see. First I would suggest if you are not already, doing the workouts in the monthly plans on this site. Just go to workouts and click on Gum workouts if you are logged in. Second I would go to my video series and definitely search and watch the videos I have on squatting, deadlifting, lunging, Romanian dead lifts etc to get specifics on the proper technique as this makes a huge difference. If you are sticking to the staples of machine only exercises such as leg press, leg extension etc… This could be the issue as well. Change is what is necessary and following a structure as I have laid out in the monthly plans that account for periodization. Here is the link for my video serie to search for videos on training the legs etc… I have covered pretty much every exercise so search and it should come up http://www.workouttrainer.com/home/video_series/workout_101