An Apple a Day

Mar 23, 2011
An Apple a Day

Make sure to get your apples

Training Fruit

When Getting ready to Train you really need a good Pre workout meal. Since many of you are like me chances are your always on the go. Does this mean that I skip my pre workout snack? Absolutely NOT. The quick and simple solution can be found pretty much anywhere. Apples are a great way to get a quick pre workout snack and provide the benefits needed to help with gaining Muscle Strength, Size, Endurance and help with Fat loss.

Whats the Science?


Apples contain many beneficial ingredients. The skin in Apples contain Polyphenol's mainly in the skin. Skin Polyphenols are the key to in helping individuals gain Strength, Muscle Endurance and Promote Fat Loss.


Apples also contain an ingredient called Quervetin which have anti-oxident properties and also help with exercise Endurance.

So what to do?

The next time you get ready to head to the gym crush an apple or 2 depending on how large and small before you Trian Heavy or intense, and see the benefits that keep the body running full steam ahead.

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