Best Electric Mobility Scooters service provider in Melbourne Australia.

May 12, 2019
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Best Electric Mobility Scooters service provider in Melbourne Australia.

New Cheap and Best Electric Mobility Scooters in Melbourne Australia

Mobility Scooters, especially in the Australian marketplace have been around for quite some time now.

As you have probably seen on Gumtree as well as other online Marketplaces there are Cheap Mobility Scooters left right and centre.

But what does cheap actually mean for you or a loved one?

There is the price you pay for an Electric Scooters and then there is sometimes the hidden additional costs of purchasing a Second-Hand Electric Scooter, taking into account Batteries, Motor and General Wear and Tear.

An Electric Mobility Scooters is much like a shoe, you need to take into account the purpose in which you intend to use it for, the size and functionality as well as the comfort which is a major factor as you may be spending a great deal of time in a seated position to and from your destination.

At Freedom Mobility Scooters we offer peace of mind value to our customers with both our Pre-Loved Electric Scooters as well as New Mobility Scooters in Melbourne and Surrounding Areas.

We stock a selection of scooters both New and Used from Compact Transportable Scooters that can be disassembled and put into cars for trips to the shops or family outings to a more robust selection of scooters, our flagship model having the travel capacity of 70km terrain dependent.

All our scooters come with the guarantee of a Warranty and are inspected prior to delivery for Quality Control purposes. Our Pre-Loved Mobility Scooters starting from 3 Months up to 2 years for our New Freedom Mobility Scooters.

With that guarantee you’re afforded the peace of mind knowing that if anything does go wrong within that time period we are just a phone call away to get you going again.

Melbourne Mobility Scooters have been growing at a steady pace over the years with more and more on the footpaths and in Communities across Melbourne as well as Australia Wide.

Mobility Scooters are commonly known as Electric Scooters and the lesser known Gopher.

Using an Electric Mobility scooters enables you the Freedom of Mobility, you are a Pedestrian being able to navigate around your local area on the footpaths taking you to the local shopping precincts and to friends and families houses.

The growth within the industry has given rise to smaller operations entering into the market with inferior products and services saturating the market with what we would consider Cheap Mobility Scooters, Associated products and Services.

Freedom Mobility Scooters was first Born out of Melbourne and now have retailers under our Banner operating within Greater Melbourne, Country Victoria as well as other States being the Gold Coast, Western Australia and NSW,  as well as a handful of other Authorised Retailers.

Freedom Mobility Scooter is community focused in our approach, we believe in people and  presence over profits and that is why we offer our services to Greater Melbourne and Country Victoria where some other companies are reluctant to operate within due to extended operational costs and time.

For what our Electric Mobility Scooters afford people on a daily basis at an industry competitive price, only walking is cheaper.

At Freedom Mobility Scooters, we get you to where you want to be in comfort.

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