Creatine Loading

Jun 30, 2009
Creatine Loading

Does your Creatine still have Creatine in it? You cant go wrong with just standard Pure Raw Creatine

Creatine Loading. How, When and Why?


Creatine was one of the and still is the most popular product that has hit the supplement world since Powered Protein. Since the early 90’s many forms of creatine have hit the market and consumers are left at a stand still as to what they should buy and if normal creatine still has an edge on the other “better than” creatine products. Little research has been conducted on one specific brand of creatine, however in recent research a study was conducted as to whether or not Creatine Monohydrate has any significant affect on Anaerobic Power between 2 and 5 day loading cycles.


The Results

The 2 day loading cycles although showed improvements did not have enough evidence to support a significant benefit or difference. However with the 5 day loading cycle of creatine the results showed a significant improvement in anaerobic power measured by the Wingate test and the Back squat vs. individuals who trained with a placebo.


The Verdict

If your looking for a great product to take that will guarantee results for power, strength and over-all Muscle Growth, you can’t go wrong with Pure Creatine Monohydrate.



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