Dynamic Duo

Jun 07, 2010
Dynamic Duo

Why Glutalyn?

As you venture off to your daily workout, I want you to ask yourself, “Why am I doing this?”.

Yes, we are all looking for incredible health and strength gains, more energy, improved stamina , but when it comes down to it, we are also hoping for unbelievable physical rewards that we can see; A decrease in overall body fat and an increase of lean, good quality muscle that will send our fat-burning metabolism through the roof.

For all you die-hard lifters out there, I’m going to assume that you are hitting the weights in a systematic, purposeful approach. I assume you are eating right…Getting plenty of lean proteins, fibrous carbohydrates and unsaturated fats which aid in recovery. If all of those items are “in-check”, we need to check out your supplementation program and see where there is room for improvement to maximize the gains you want to see in muscle gains.

With the endless choices on the market today, we will be drinking countless shakes, guzzling both pre and post workout formulas and swallowing hundreds of pills a week if we could! No different than weight lifting, if we stick to the basics, we will see results.

My two favorite

Down-to-the-basic “must have” supplements on the market today, for muscle building properties are Creatine and Glutamine. Most of us are well aware of the unbelievable side-effects Creatine has on a dedicated weight lifter; Increased strength, endurance and muscle size. I have found that most people don’t know much about its less talked-about partner, Glutamine, an essential protein-building Amino Acid, which when paired with Creatine works like a dynamic team.

When referring to Glutamine, I will be talking about SCI-FIT’s® GLUTA-LYN, simply because of the advanced PH-buffered formula SCI-FIT® has created and patented, in order to get the best benefits from taking Glutamine.

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