Get unstable with the Stability Ball Crunch

Aug 13, 2009
Get unstable with the Stability Ball Crunch

Get on the ball for your abs Ladies!!!

One of the best moves and exercises you can execute for tight firm abs is the stability ball crunch. For set up of this exercise start out by sitting on a stability ball and slowly roll downward until you are laying on the ball. The ball should be positioned just about in the center or mid-line of the back. Place your hands by your head however do not inter lock your hands together as this could result in un-needed pressure applies to the neck as you crunch. Crunch upward at the midline of the stomach or abdominal's. 

Bend at the abs, Not the Hips

The goal is to contract the abs…not the hips. Many individuals compensate by flexing at the hips rather than the abs. To overcome this frequent technique flaw my suggestion is to try to aim your elbows to touch your hips during the movement. Another way to overcome this technique flaw can be to attempt to have your sternum…..or center of where your ribcage meet in the middle to touch your belly button. If you notice in the video, Tania is flexing at the midline of the abs, not at the hips. If the exercise becomes difficult at first position the ball higher on your back by simply moving forward slightly on the ball. This allows for a shorter lever arm to be created which is less of a load that you have to contract during the movement. Make sure that as you become more comfortable you try to execute somewhat rapid movements as research has shown that faster abdominal exercises can have more of an emphasis on the rectus abdominus and external oblique’s than slow pace crunches.

Watch The Video HERE!

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