Healthy exercise in everyday life

Apr 12, 2019
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Healthy exercise in everyday life

Our body is "programmed" to exercise. But many people have become accustomed to a life that does not require much exercise.

The natural energy turnover of humans per day would correspond to a walking distance of around 20 to 25 kilometers. In fact, today's people only cover an average of one to two kilometers.

The price for this lack of exercise is overweight and a higher disease risk for many people. Regular exercise, on the other hand, has been proven to have many benefits: For example, regular exercise helps to be able to better relax, relieve stress, burn more calories, or stay fit.

The range of motion is healthy, the movement recommendations show: adults should exercise at least 150 minutes a week with moderate intensity, children and adolescents at least 60 minutes a day to be physically active. Even in old age, regular exercise is important to stay healthy and mobile.

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You do not have to do strenuous exercise or work up a sweat in order to get healthy exercise. Even everyday life offers many opportunities for movement, without having to sacrifice extra time. If you succeed in acquiring certain personal physical habits and taking care of them regularly, you gain more health and quality of life.

Easy going

Walking is one of the most important everyday movements. Can (almost) everyone go. Especially for older or hitherto unsportsmanlike people with weight and health problems, walking is ideal for improving endurance and improving performance. The impact loads occurring are about three times less than when running. When walking around 70 percent of the entire musculature are moved, strengthened the legs and strengthened in active posture and the core muscles.

Physically active on the way to work

A great way for adults to be physically active is the daily journey to work. Many people make it a habit to deliberately walk a stretch of the work path. Others have switched to cycling to work or use the bicycle in combination with public transport. According to the motto, every movement is better than doing nothing, for example, stairs can be used instead of escalators in subway stations or train stations. Waiting times can also be used, e.g. to stand on one leg and so exercise the balance.

Tips for more exercise in everyday life

Experts recommend using more exercise options in everyday life to achieve the recommended range of exercise. Everyday movements are also a good start for a long-term moving life.

You may also have suggestions for the following ideas that you can implement:

  • Sometimes you can go for errands on foot or by bike.
  • Walk in the evening instead of watching TV.
  • Play actively with the children.
  • Use garden and housework as a chance to move on and maybe do without mechanical aids.
  • Going up stairs instead of using the escalator or lift.
  • Get up on the phone and walk around.
  • In television, use the time to move, e.g. drive with the room bike.
  • Not for a chat in a restaurant, but for a walk.
How much exercise per day is advisable?
Daily exercise boosts health, that much is clear. But how much exercise per day is enough?
  4 basic rules for effective and good stretching:
  1. Strengthen abdomen with push-ups
  2. This exercise routine will help you to tighten your breasts
  3. Regular exercise per day prevents various illnesses and complaints. But how much is the minimum? How much is realistic? How much exercise per day can you do in everyday life?

Regular exercise per day promotes good health
A little more exercise a day will boost your health a little more every day. Very easily. The more you manage to integrate into your everyday life, the better.
But your daily life is certainly not characterized by too much free time, so you are sure that you can not implement the minimum amount of exercise per day, right?

If you want to do something every day for more fitness, 15 minutes of exercise per day can help you get fitter and more agile. That's enough! It is not necessary to go to the gym.
More exercise per day is also at home, easy to reach in the park or in the garden. However, it is important that you consistently implement the tips, because otherwise they bring little.

Integrate more exercise into everyday life
If you want to get more exercise, 15 minutes a day is enough. You will not become a marathon runner or Olympic champion, but you can make sure that
  • your circulation is strengthened,
  • your stamina is increasing,
  • your muscles are strengthened,
  • your circulation becomes more stable,
  • your basal metabolic rate rises
  • and you end up burning a little more fat than usual.

In the following we would like to show you very simple ways, how to get more fitness with just 15 minutes daily and simple exercises and everyday movements, without having to go to a gym.
Integrate the following exercises into your everyday life:
Trot Of course, you do not even have time for exercise. The answer is simple: run faster!
If you run faster, you will cover more distance in the same time.  And that's exactly what gives you the opportunity to integrate more exercise in everyday life:
  • Get off one stop earlier.
  • Walk to the mailbox / office / bakery.
  • Select the parking lot furthest from the entrance.
  • Choose a supermarket that is not the nearest one.
  • This way, you can do everything you need to do anyway, but at the same time take care of more fitness.

In particular, fast running stimulates the circulation, makes you awake in the morning, pumps fresh air through your lungs and improves your condition.

Stair jumping
If you take the stairs instead of the elevator anyway, that's a big step forward. If you get in the elevator, that's the first point you should start with.
If you are already so far that you run the stairs, even up to the top floor, then an increase awaits you: Stair jumping.

Try to keep changing the stairs as you go up the stairs. Like a few more floors than you would have to go to your apartment or work anyway.

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