Losing weight through sport

Mar 27, 2019
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Losing weight through sport

this is the recipe for success for those who want to be thinner. For if the pounds should tumble, it is not enough just to eat less. Also movement must come from. A guide to lasting success.

Losing weight through sport - so you stay slim permanently

Losing weight through sport - this is the recipe for success for those who want to be thinner. For if the pounds should tumble, it is not enough just to eat less. Also movement must come from. A guide to lasting success.

Many obese are mistaken. The road to ideal weight, they believe, leads alone on the right diet or healthy diet. And so they eat apple cider vinegar, eat pineapple without end or half of everything - and that for weeks.

However, if they actually lose weight and the pounds disappear, the success is usually short-lived. A few months later, the unloved companions reappeared. Those who want to lose weight climb frustrated and start the next attempt, this time with potatoes or rice - until they fail again.

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Lightning diets fail because the movement is missing

Failure is often foreseeable because those who want to lose weight often count on the formula "diet change = less weight". And miscalculate. Because in this equation, the crucial element is missing: the movement. It is just as important to the success of a diet.

But only very few people know that. For one thing, in many questionable and supposedly healthy lightning diets, sport does not matter at all. On the other hand, many sufferers lack an important prerequisite for success: the awareness that they have to actively do something to lose weight and change their situation. And that means: get up and do sports, because waiting does not burn calories.

Muscles are the fat killer of the body

The consequences of sluggishness can be read from the figures of the Robert Koch Institute: around 53 percent of women and even 67 percent of men in Germany are too fat. The statistics also prove that the problem grows with age. At the same time, the desire is steadily subsiding: the older people get, the less exercise they do.

Who puts on a diet without sports and maybe just eats half, can and will lose weight, but loses the weight in the wrong places. Because instead of fat, the body first builds muscle - just the number one fat killer in the organism.

Movement requires energy. The body gets it from its sugar and fat stores. Through regular exercise, the organism learns to access its depots and break them down. At the same time new muscle fibers build up - so the body gradually reorganizes.

Losing weight through sports: first successes often only after twelve weeks

However, the body does not change overnight. After all, body fat is an energy-rich fuel - yet just one kilogram of it holds around 7,000 kilocalories. To destroy them, a person weighing 85 kilograms has to walk for about ten hours at a speed of around ten kilometers an hour.

How fast the body reorganizes is different for each person and depends on several factors. For example, how often and how intensively he trains and how powerful the organism is. Often, significant changes can be detected only after twelve weeks.

The problem with the balance: supposed standstill

It may be that those who want to lose weight do not realize their progress at all. For many, Libra is the yardstick of success. But that is a mistake. Because if the pointer does not move down for weeks, that does not necessarily mean failure.

Often the heaviness of the new muscle cells compensates for those of the degraded fat pads, so the weight will initially stay the same. But the more muscle has two positive consequences: First, the body is stronger and so only ready for further training. On the other hand, the daily basal metabolic rate increases: because more muscle mass also consumes more calories - even when at rest.

If you move, you will get lucky hormones for free

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This app should ensure that you find healthy food really great

A second reason, not only to let the Libra's pointer judge its own well-being, is the mental state. Sport, especially endurance training, makes you more balanced and satisfied. When you move, the body releases happiness hormones that lift the mood. Many thicknesses alone fulfill the knowledge that they are finally tackling their problem, with pride and joy. They are more active, can get up easier in the morning and feel better at work.

The most important weight loss rule is also the simplest: What the body absorbs by energy from food, he has to work through movement again - then the balance is in the balance. If you want to lose weight, you have to move more and eat less. Those who move regularly, gives themselves additional leeway when eating. Because the daily metabolic rate of the body grows with each new muscle fiber. If you are active on a regular basis, you can also enjoy a piece of cake or a few gummy bears in between.

If you want to lose weight, you should start slowly


The secret of "Slim in sleep"

More exercise does not mean that weight loss takers have to make a planned giant training program or a sweaty workout. 15 to 20 minutes of activity a day are enough in the beginning. So they get used not only to the burden, but also to the change of the daily schedule. Later, the speed and the amount of training can be slowly increased. But many overweight newcomers accelerate too fast from zero to one hundred - and overstrain themselves. Frustrated, they often give up the "weight loss project" after just a few weeks.

The art is not necessarily to train the body - but the mind. Because the head sometimes takes many months, until he accepts the unfamiliar lifestyle as routine. However, once the movement program is anchored in the brain, the prospect of getting rid of a few extra kilos is favorable. The farewell will not hurt.

The main thing is to move. In the long term, people who want to lose weight should schedule half an hour every day if they want to make a difference. If you can not do that regularly, you can put on a longer unit at the weekend, for example, a hiking tour or a longer swim.

A generally binding recommendation on how much a person should burden himself over the course of time does not exist. Every person develops differently. Basically, only when the musculature, the circulation and the skeleton are required, the performance increases. Therefore, the training should be adapted again and again, especially after the progress in the first few months to set new stimuli.

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