Sep 26, 2019
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Movement is THE topic that drives the company aeris and all employees. The company motto is: "Life on the move"

Movement is THE topic that drives the company aeris and all employees. The company motto is: "Life on the move" and all aeris products are consistently aligned with this philosophy. Why? Because exercise is essential for life, health and well-being.

All processes in the body can only proceed optimally with a lot of movement. Any muscle contraction will release the enzymes, hormones and messengers that our body needs to function well. In addition, regular exercise strengthens the muscles, is good for tendons and joints, bones and circulation. In addition, it supports our resistance to stress, slows our appetite and burns calories. Moving regularly and moving around and avoiding physical inactivity is vital to our health.

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Lack of exercise, mainly caused by prolonged sitting, is one of the main causes of back pain as well as numerous lifestyle diseases. By developing aeris 3D technology, which enables active, natural sitting, aeris has revolutionized the office world with measurable effects on muscles, oxygenation and concentration.

With the active chairs by aeris everyone can bring a lot more movement into their everyday life and thus actively do something for their own health.


Why the body wants to move

  • What does that mean for everyday work?
  • How does the 3D movement work?
  • Why the body wants to move

Metabolism: Movement keeps the inner motor of the body, the metabolism (also: metabolism) running. This counteracts the aging process. Because: If the vascular system functions, nutrients and oxygen are transported to every single cell and toxins and waste are removed - that keeps you young.

Cardiovascular: For the cardiovascular system, regular physical activity means a lower risk of heart attack because exercise has a positive effect on fat metabolism and blood pressure. That's good for the vessels. Because when they remain elastic, the heart also stays younger because it is less stressed. The good news: you can revitalize the vessels! In six to eight weeks, the stiffness of vessels that have not yet hardened, u.a. by movement almost back to normal.

Muscles, joints, fasciae: Of course, exercise, as well as the lack of it, also has direct effects on the musculoskeletal system. Adults in industrialized countries spend about 50 to 60 percent of their day sitting down. The result: The metabolism slows, the oxygen content of the blood drops, the muscles go limp, it comes to bad posture. "Nothing works anymore."

Exercise, on the other hand, trains the musculature, stimulates the circulation and ensures a better supply of oxygen to all organs. Exercise makes everyone more efficient. Impulses from the movement also "fire" the brain, the networking of the synapses in the brain is activated by movement and the blood supply is improved. With exercise, we are more alert, attentive, concentrated.

What does this mean for everyday work?

Exercising in the evening or going for a walk is great, but just having to stay seated every day is dangerous for your muscles and joints. They should stay in constant motion, meaning changing position as often as possible - more and more experts are recommending dynamic seating and height-adjustable desks.

Here are the active chairs of aeris perfect partner, because they do not allow that you remain rigidly at the desk or eternally "stuck". The 3D technology developed by aeris keeps you moving constantly - but effectively. This dynamic sitting including swinging into the depth leads to a natural load and relief of the muscles, promotes blood circulation, counteracts the sticking of the fascia and also keeps the brain activated. The muvman standing seat is an important addition to height-adjustable desks. It is easy to work at different heights while sitting or sitting or standing, following the advice of doctors after many changes of posture.

How does the special 3D movement of aeris products work?

Aeris' 3D technology is unique and multi-patented worldwide. The seat of swopper or 3Dee e.g. rests on a steel spring, which is combined with a 3D-movable joint in the foot of the chair. The spring makes unique swinging in the depth and the compression possible when standing up and the joint allows intuitive, spontaneous and self-directed movements in all directions. Just as with natural standing and walking. Sitting in an unstable balance requires constant balance, which appeals to many muscle groups: the legs, back and stomach. 

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