Post Holiday Calorie Solution

Dec 08, 2010
Post Holiday Calorie Solution

Get you fix for the Holidays under control

With our Thanksgiving meals behind us and the stack of party invites growing from every trip to the mailbox, our future social calendar is destined to be surrounded by high-calorie food and drinks that we probably wouldn’t eat otherwise.

Those less than positive food facts paired up with our quest to attack our hefty “to do” lists for gift buying and entertaining may find you hoping to create more free-time in your day to get it all done. A powerful word of advice… Now is definitely not the time to be skipping any dates with the gym or your trainer. In fact, now is the time to get creative in your exercise routine and develop ways to use your extra ingested calories for muscle building fuel.

Here are a few calorie attacking tricks to blast your energy stores before they turn to dreaded fat:

Interval Blasts on Cardio Equipment: Alternating a few minutes of high peaks of cardiovascular blasts between your normal speed on the treadmill or stepper will ultimately attack fat stores and increase overall caloric burn. The high and low bursts of intensity, often referred to as interval training blasts fat fast.

Cardio Bursts Between Sets:

Instead of resting between sets of exercises such as bicep curls, grab a jump rope and blast your heart rate for a minute or two as your muscles recover. Once you complete the cardio burst, grab the weights and continue focusing on the resistance work.

Upper/Lower Supersets:

Combine an upper body muscle group with a lower body muscle group and alternate sets continuously. For example, if you choose shoulders and quads, begin with shoulder presses paired with the leg press. Hit your first set of shoulders, as they recover, jump on the leg press machine and start tearing up your legs. Your next superset can be Lateral Shoulder Raises with Hack Squats. Pairing upper and lower body muscles together will not only boost your overall caloric burn, but will allow you to attack each muscle hard without interference.

Grab the Weights: By holding a light set of dumbbells as your watch the time count down on your cardio machine of choice, you will use more energy to complete your session. The more you weigh, the more calories you burn and by holding weight you can count on working harder than climbing the treadmill empty handed.

Most importantly, always remember that it is only food! It is not about every pound on the scale, but rather a healthy way of living that carries on from day to day.

Secrets to Fight Over-Eating:

Add a fat burner with plenty of water that will amp your metabolism and fight cravings. My favorite fat melting weapon is THERMO-LYN™ by SCI-FIT®… the world’s most intense and advanced fat-burner. This ultimate, advanced formula will not only will it help melt fat; it will give you intense energy to work that much harder in the gym, as well as a super-fast, fat-burning metabolism. Yohimbe, white willow, guarana and cayenne pepper are just some of the all-natural, pharmaceutical grade ingredients that comprise this ph-fused formula, which means it is 100% absorbable by the body and guarantees results. It is SCI-FIT®’s cutting-edge, PH-FUSION TECHNOLOGY™ that makes THERMO-LYN™ by SCI-FIT® the leader in fat burners available today.

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