Printing Methods Explained for Promotional T Shirts

Dec 11, 2019
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Printing Methods Explained for Promotional T Shirts

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Several of my clients asked me why we have a tendency to print victimization strategies for their completely different products at different times.

This is a solid question and for the sake of teaching the larger lots and for those who are interested, I will be able to define the distinction between writing and how they will be applied to your project. Its square measurement is usually four printing strategies, they are screen printing, heat transfer press and embroidery "well, this is often not very printed, however, I place it there while you continue to place an image on a shirt." The latest and also the latest technology are direct to the garment. This method will make a fantastic high-resolution photographic print, but it has a value.

Screen printing

Screen printing is presumably the most important style methodology for printing promotional t-shirts, the original method is comparable to old printing strategies anywhere you want to supply your images in divisible color files, as an example if you have a four-file of color that you would like to produce a CMYK file that the print production company will break down each color and isolate from each other by making four separate print images, one for the cyan color, one for the magenta and one for the yellow and K being black or gray scale.

Now that the CMYK files are separated, a separate screen is created for each modification of a total of four screens, a C screen, an M screen and one for each of the Y and K screens. When the screens are made and the quality is tested and all changes are created, they are mounted on the screen machine where each color is aligned with the successive registration marks on the screens. What this implies is that each color is written individually on the promotional shirt. Currently that the screens are configured and tested, we can start printing the shirts.

Heat press

The printing of promotional shirts with the best heat press machine involves the digital replica of a heat transfer image on a specially coated paper that is then inverted and ironed on the promotional shirt.

The advantages of printing T-shirts with a square heat transfer measure that contributes to short runs. As an example, it is feasible and efficient to provide so little promotional jersey together. Therefore, if you want only a couple of shirts, this is often the strategy to use, unfortunately, this method comes with a great restriction, you can only print on white shirts, currently you will assume that this is not specific, however, Considering more than one eighth of the promotional shirts, that square measure was written with the correct option is not so dangerous.


As I mentioned earlier in the introduction of this text, the embroidery is de facto, it does not write, however, it is basically inserting an image in a promotional shirt, therefore, I have even proposed to incorporate it, if it is not quite instructive at all, the method will not be embroidered promotional shirts

In a terribly easy rationalization, embroidery involves re-scanning the image in a sewing pattern or much, therefore, this creates a digital sewing map for the embroidery machine to follow. One of the limitations of embroidery is that it only helps to sew small images, such as a brand on the shirt pocket or the club emblem on the sleeve of a sports shirt.

Embroidery produces extremely resistant products, which are used remarkably for the clothing company, not limited to T-shirts or polo shirts.


Script writing is extremely intensive and it is recommended to align it, however, once done, it is the most efficient methodology for printing large volumes of promotional shirts. The warm press methodology can only print on white t-shirts, however, you can print terribly small runs and it is ideal if you simply need a t-shirt.

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