Dec 27, 2015
User Article Submitted by John Rodriguez



Why start, when ultimately in the end, the challenge is beyond reach. Let’s face it; turning your body into something other than what it is currently is monumentally difficult. When you pay more attention to your job, because what little income you receive from it is what you survive on, then the priority isn’t getting in your regimented workout time.

Even if your job isn’t the sole contending matter with your fitness goals; the fast food environment factors, and when coupled with the high cost of healthy foods - the stacks is firmly against you.

So, what is your health-kick other than a temporary act of defiance with surrender facing you not far from the starting line. What are you doing?  What do expect to gain from this? What a complete and utter waste of time and in most cases – money.

Of course we hear them say “it is for your betterment”, “everything you can do helps,” “you have to make a personal decision and a commitment.” As if you live in that moment for the rest of your life. Gee, I made a commitment that day and ever since…whatever.

These arguments are made by people with enough resources and time to be successful.

Pathetic, isn’t? Understanding that I am controlled by my environment and fixed constraints. To be powerless to my circumstances – now that is exponentially sad and more unacceptable then wasting time and money.

I am still going to try. 

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