Stability Ball Chair

Oct 23, 2008
Stability Ball Chair

Slouching at work? Not a Problem. We have a solution.

There are many benefits from this unique piece of equipment. The Stability Ball can aid tremendously when used as an alternative to just a regular chair. The next time you are in the office go ahead and swap out that standard office chair you have been slouching in for the last few weeks and try to sit on just the stability ball or stability ball chair.

Simple Fact

Sitting at a desk all day in a standard office chair can really be detrimental to your posture. Taking a step to sit on a stability ball or a stability ball chair can have tremendous benefits that can help you keep your core strong and prevent slouching. Because the ball forces you to sit up straight due to the unstable surface, your stabilizer muscles start working overtime to maintain your balance without you even really noticing it. So the next time you catch yourself slouching over the computer, think about how just this simple ball can prevent that from happening again!

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