Study Shows How to Trick Yourself Into Portion Control

Sep 17, 2008
Study Shows How to Trick Yourself Into Portion Control

Convince yourself to eat less!!!!

According to a study in The Journal of Marketing Research if your food is divided into multiple packages you are less likely to overeat at one period and more likely to spread the food out over a longer period of time, in other words PORTION CONTROL.

In the study participants who received individually packaged chocolates consumed them over a period of time twice as long as those who received the same amount of chocolates packaged in one container. You can take advantage of this by dividing food at home into smaller portions and repackage them. Create the illusion of more food by cutting pizza into smaller pieces or dividing a sandwich into four parts. Little tricks like these help to keep your portions under control.

A separate study published in the Journal of Public Health Policy shows a correlation between increased portion size and the severe obesity epidemic we are suffering here in the United States as well as worldwide. Controlling your portion size at home as well as eating out will help control your weight and provide a good example for those of you who are parents. When eating out try taking half of your food immediately and putting it into a take home box so it is not on your plate and visible to you.

We will be publishing more useful tips on portion control and healthy eating in the weeks to come.

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