Supplement Review- Pre Workout's

Jun 01, 2012
Supplement Review- Pre Workout's

New 1MR pre workout review

I have been receiving many questions regarding the supplements that are currently on the market and available for you to take and which ones I would recommend vs. others than I wouldn't. First let me be clear that taking products truly comes down to your goal. Like with anything, Goals define everything when it comes to training and nutrition.

When it comes to taking supplements you have to first, make a Choice as to if you are going to take them, then decide what to take. I am a huge advocate of taking supplements because there are essential benefits from many of them. Protein, BCAA's, Multi-vitamins are always a must for me in regards to taking product. Research clearly shows the benefits when individuals take supplements vs. ones that don't.

Specifically Pre-Workout

When it comes to a product that offers pre-workout benefits you must decide what type of pre workout benefit you want and even further more understand why you are taking this product so you know what to expect. Most pre-workouts are designed to give you additional benefits for when you are actually training. Fast absorbing ingredients quickly get into your body aiding in the work you are about to put yourself through. For Instance many pre-workouts offer energy, pump, stamina, endurance etc.....Key ingredients give your body the benefit to capitalize on these goals. If your looking for a pump, then make sure to understand what a product should have that will give you the results you are looking for. AAKG is one of the key ingredients that will aid in your goal of getting a pump. Caffeine and other "stimulants" will give you a boost of energy etc....

If you are like me and most people then you don't want to have to dissect every ingredient in the product you are about to take, so you ask your friends or people whom you trust to give you advice on what you should take or what they recommend taking. I encourage you though to get a basic understanding and try to educate yourself when it comes to consuming something. It is so important to get the education vs. taking a blind recommendation simply because someone said so. Even for myself I try to educate myself more and more each and every day regarding the products I am taking. Now I do have the luxury of trying may different products because of the position I am in so I have tried many products, but i still educate myself before I take them. Some I like and some I have yet to try and others I would simply avoid taking mainly because my goals are not lined up with what those product offer.

Personal Product I take

For me personally BPI who makes a variety of different product did come out with a pre-workout product called 1MR a little over 2 years ago. It was their flagship product that has received a fast growing number of consumers and the product has gone through a recent re-formulation from the original version. They sent me the new version the other day and tried it in comparison to the original version that I liked so much.

Concentrated Dosing

Now the one thing regarding the 1MR is that this was in fact the first single serving concentrated pre workout. That's actually one of the main reasons why many liked when the product first came out. Most Pre Workouts have you take 3-4 scoops while this was just one scoop. The new version actually has a smaller serving size which is great because you are not chugging down massive amounts of powder.

Flavor Review

Flavor was the first thing I noticed with this new formula. There were some reviews on the original version's flavor and how they could improve on how well the product tasted. For me, I never really cared because I want to take a product for the effects vs. how well it tastes, but to each their own. So with the new version yes, they must have taken those reviews into consideration because the flavor is improved on the BIG time.

Focus Review

One of the things I liked about the original version was the fact that it gave me a great amount of focus. Now what does that mean. The ability to breathe better and control your breathing like with Yoga centers you to focus on the task at hand. In this case, NOT being out of breathe during your set is HUGE when it comes to getting the last 2 or 3. That was one of the things i liked about 1MR from the start. The new version definitely kept the momentum strong in this category.

Pump Review

As far as PUMP I am always looking for a pre workout that allows for massive dilation of the blood vessels to give you that full feeling of the blood flowing through your muscles. Arnold was right, the greatest sensation is the sensation of the PUMP. The new version actually gives a better pump than the old version so I liked the fact that they must have improved on the NO factors when re-formulating.

Crashing Review

Neither version for me had me crash although I switched my workouts to nights recently so by taking this product closer to a late workout definitely gave me the ability to stay up late and work, but once again that would be something that you have to decide is right for you.

Overall, taking supplements should be something that is a choice based on educating yourself as to what you want to gain when you take the products on the market. Always make your own decision and educate yourself and find out the facts. With regards to a good Pre Workout, the new version of 1MR is definitely 1 for me.


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