What to pay attention to when preparing a trip to Tibet

Nov 12, 2019
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What to pay attention to when preparing a trip to Tibet

If you are planning a Tibet tour, you need to wait for the right time for this trip. The best time to travel to Tibet is from April to Oct each year, with the best weather condition and delightful sceneries.

Many people yearn to travel to Tibet, but often at a wrong time, using the wrong way to travel in Tibet, and finally suffering.

This article is a detailed introduction to a trip to Tibet. help you better to plan your Tibet trip. 

• Planning for Tibet travel in advance:

this is very important for foreign traveler,Because due to special geographical and political reasons, China’s censorship of people entering Tibet is very strict. When you enter Tibet, you must have three documents, in addition to China visa and passport, foreigners also need Tibet Travel Permit (Some people also call it Tibet Visa) to be able to board a train or plane to Lhasa. Tibet travel agency usually needs at least 16 days prior to filing the application with these documents &. info. Early physical examination is also particularly important because if there is a potential cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, it is very dangerous to have a high altitude in Tibet.

• Route planning:

The route planning can refer to the following lines because Tibet tourism has three characteristics:

1.The transportation cost of Tibet is relatively high. For example, Qingdao travels to and from Tibet. The traffic ticket price is about $800, so the longer you travel, the lower the daily shipping cost.

2.It takes 1 or 2 days to adapt to altitude sickness. If you are in a particularly good body, I have not said it, but most people, even if they have been to Tibet 100 times, even Tibetans, from the mainland to Lhasa, 3600 meters, there will be slight altitude sickness. If the rest of the first two days is good, then the work and life travel will be very smooth. If you have a bad rest, you can stay in Tibet for 10 days and have altitude sickness for 10 days.

3. Tibet tourism can not only travel in Lhasa. Tibet has the size of eight Shandong provinces. If you want to play the whole of Tibet, two months is not enough.

Pay special attention to travel, don't believe in the so-called "industry inspection" and "ultra-low price" tour groups, because after the ultra-low-cost tour group, not only is the probability of being deceived high, buy a pile of fake beeswax and fakes made in the mainland. Silverware, fake maca, fake turquoise, etc., unlike the mainland, will seriously affect the physical quality, and the probability of inducing altitude sickness is high. It can be seen that the scenery taken is 10% less than the normal tour group.

• Tibet's unique daily necessities:

Tibet can't do without all kinds of travel documents. Remember to leave it with you at all times.

The reason for not watching the weather forecast in Tibet is that a township in Tibet is bigger than Qingdao and various suburban counties. A city in Tibet, the difference in altitude (not to the snow mountains of more than 6,000 meters) may have more than 3,000 meters, the temperature difference between noon and night is more than 20 degrees, the temperature difference between the plateau and the low altitude, the temperature difference between the sun and the shadow may also be more than ten degrees!

So keep warm and windproof clothes, hats and socks and shoes in the coldest. If the temperature warning is at least 5 degrees, you may need to prepare for minus 15 degrees of clothing.

• Tibet photographic equipment recommendations

The basic equipment recommendations are:

Strong and durable, the battery is durable.

If you come for the first time, or stand-alone, a 24-105mm focal length lens is recommended.

If you want to shoot wonderfully, the two machines, one is about 16-35mm, one is 100-400mm.

If possible, take a large-aperture wide-angle head for easy shooting of the stars and the Milky Way.

If possible, drone aerial photography!

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