Why is the growth of Food Processing Institutes important for India?

Nov 20, 2020
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Why is the growth of Food Processing Institutes important for India?

Food Processing Institute are very crucial in order to change the farming scenario of India. India is the second-largest producer of fruits and vegetables after China but the food processing rate is less than 2%. A survey by NITI AYOG cleared that around 90,000 crores rupees worth of food is wasted every year which can be reduced through food processing. In rural areas, farmers don’t have enough knowledge about food processing and how to save foods. IIAASD is working towards increasing food processing efficiency and educating the rural area farmers to encourage food processing and organic farming which will help in improvising the rural lifestyle. Indian Government has now opened food processing institutions that give information about food processing and various food processing courses that will help the rural people to learn new ways of farming and preserving food. These food processing courses will help farmers to make money and live a better lifestyle and strengthen the economy.  

What is Food Processing?

Food processing is a process in which raw food is changed or transformed into commercial products. The foods that are processed are meat, poultry, dairy, fisheries, animal husbandry, and agricultural raw foods. These products undergo a number of changes which then have commercial value and suitable for human and animal consumption. This process also includes methods such as additives, preservatives, and drying in order to increase their life and quality.   

Importance of Food Processing 

  • Employment Growth - Agriculture and the Manufacturing industry go hand-in-hand. It will help generate direct or indirect employment in the field of manufacturing and agriculture. 

  • Growth in Farmers’ Income - As the demand rises for agri-food business, the farmers’ income will also increase simultaneously.

  • A decline in malnutrition - In India, most of the children suffer from vitamin deficiency, this will help in the decline of malnutrition and help children get more nutrients and minerals, hence bridging the nutritional gap in the kids.

  • Increase in Foreign Exchange - Agricultural business is still the biggest trade between countries and Indian food is always in great demand worldwide. 

  • Reduce in Wastage - As the processed food starts to fill the markets in rural and urban markets, it will help reduce wastage because of longer shelf life.  

IIAASD is working towards the improvement of the Agricultural business in India by offering food processing courses. India is one of the biggest players in the Agricultural market and through food processing institutes in India, the people connected to Agribusiness will get important insights and valuable and innovative farming trends that are being practiced globally.

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