Why should you import goods from China to the US?

Mar 29, 2019
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Why should you import goods from China to the US?

import goods from China to the US

Many businesses choose to import from China. It has proven to be a successful venture for many, but international shipping is often confusing and difficult for new importers. Many new importers often run into delays, fees, and fluctuating costs. Despite the woes of international shipping, China is used so frequently and has been so successful for many. So if you’re a new importer, why should you choose China?

Here is a very short summary of why importers choose China.

Affordable Items

Unlike other countries, China is much more affordable to import from. Many products imported from China are made and sold for a much cheaper price. Many people choose to import toys, shoes, clothes, and other items from China because of their reduced price, and those are the people who have found success. However, if you are looking to import brand name items, although many of those are made in China, the US sells and imports them for about 20% cheaper.

Reliable & Trusted suppliers

Once you’ve decided on the items that you want to import, you’ll need to find a reliable company to purchase and import from. Ideally, you go about this slowly, attending Chinese trade shows, and meeting potential suppliers face to face. But this is obviously time consuming and can get expensive.

Although this is the best way to get in depth knowledge, it is not the only way. Many Chinese suppliers live in the US and can be found at US trade shows. Attending US trade shows that have Chinese suppliers is an easy way to find the perfect supplier and manufacturer for you without having to go abroad while you are shipping from China to USA.

In addition to attending US trade shows, you can find many great  manufacturers and suppliers online. A lot of companies are turning to the Internet in order to save time and money. Online orders can be placed from anywhere quickly. If you’re worried about finding trustworthy sites, here are some that other businesses frequently use: Global Sources, Made in China, Alibaba, Ali Express, and DHGate.

Shipping Methods

China uses three main shipping methods: express, sea and air. All offer wonderful benefits and all depend on the amount and weight of items you are shipping.

For freight weighing between 1-1,000 pounds, use express shipping. This is a door to door service that is a  cheaper and quicker way to ship. Most items shipped this way arrive between 3-7 days, depending on the company used, the items shipped, the weight of the items and the amount shipped. Express shipping charges you on the weight of the items shipped, so this is best used for smaller purchases. Chinese companies will help you ship through express, making everything quick and simple.

Air shipping is just a fast as express in terms of getting your items out of China and into the US, but it is best suited for freights weighing more than 1,000 pounds. For air you’ll need a freight forwarder which can sometimes slow down the time it takes to receive your items. Companies will charge a flat rate on your items shipped by air. Again, consider the items you are shipping. To find a freight forwarder based out of the US, you can easily search for a great options on the Internet. If you are worried about the time that will take, or just don’t want to deal with finding one on your own, you can ask your Chinese manufacturing company to find a Chinese freight forwarder for you.

Sea shipping works best for large companies importing 2CBM or more of goods. Sea is the cheapest option available, but it is also the slowest. Sea shipping takes 20-40 days to get to the US. Again it will depend on the freight forwarder used to know when you’ll receive those items. Those living on the East Coast of the US can expect longer wait times with sea shipping.


Quick, easy, affordable. These are just a few reasons why shipping from China to US has been so successful. Many companies love the ease of shipping and the affordable prices for goods and shipping. Plus finding companies has been increasingly easier in the Internet Age.

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