Power clean

Feb 09, 2011
Power Cleans are the number one Sport Specific Power lift done in the weight room. More than likely if you have ever participated in any good athletic program you have had a coach or trainer try to incorporate this lift into your program. If you want to increase your overall speed and strength in one movement, this is the lift for you. Even if your goal is not to compete in an athletic sport, you still should consider mastering the Power Clean.

If you develop good technique and are able to increase weight over time, you will find that that all the other exercises you do become somewhat easier. If I had to choose an exercise plan that was in fact for everyone, the Clean would be among the selected exercises or lifts that would lay the foundation of my program. More and more people other than athletes are now seeing the inherit benefits of incorporating this lift into their program.

Step 1 Approach-
Before you attempt, how you approach the bar and get into position is just as important as completing the actual lift. First place both feet flat and shoulder width apart and have the bar about an inch or two away from your shins as you start to position over the bar. Grasp the bar right outside your legs. Do not place your hands too far away from your legs. The closer your hands are to your legs the better. Lower down into position making sure that your back is flat and chest in spread. Your heels should also be flat and your feet pointed straight ahead. Once positioned right simply stand up with the bar.

Step 2 The First Pull-
The first pull is the first step in getting the basic movement down. Once positioned Stand up elevating the chest first making sure not to lift your hips before your chest.

Step 3 Scoop-
The Scoop or transition is when you do more than just a dead lift or stand up with the bar. The scoop is when you literally jump and move your hips forward in a scooping fashion.

Step 4 The Second Pull-
The Second pull is one in the same with the scoop. You must put both the scoop and the second pull together. The second pull involves a shrugging of the shoulders and pulling yourself under the bar by dropping down. The bar must remain close the body at al times.

Step 5 The catch-
The catch is the last and final step of the Power Clean. Once the bar comes up and you drop down, you must catch the bar on the shoulders. Let the bar literally sit on the shoulders. If done correctly your elbows should be pointed straight in from of you and the if you were to let go of the bar, it should be able to sit on your shoulders by itself.

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