Weider Tribute Tour

Dec 10, 2011
It was December 15th 2002. I walked into the Front entrance of this new facility that this Hawaiian guy I met at the gym asked me to come visit months earlier. Today was my first day on the Job. How to think that it will be my 9 year anniversary here tomorrow and it comes without being in the same Building is definitely a somber moment. Not just ANY building. THE building. The Vatican of fitness, the Church of Bodybuilding where many would be fitness gurus and professionals came to get the blessing of the Man of modern day fitness, the God-Father of Bodybuilding, the one and only Joe Weider.

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure, as I have had many before speaking with Joe about a few things in his office. Sure as you would expect, I will never forget it he always plugs in the comment "You know I still Train". Got to love and admire this man for not just the wonderful person he is, but the accomplishments he had and we all have him to thank for most of ours. This video I dedicate to Joe Weider as well as the person who was responsible for my start in this building and the start in this industry, That Big Hawaiian Guy, Laya Clark.

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