Add Some Fast Twitch With This Chest Routine

Aug 26, 2009
Add Some Fast Twitch With This Chest Routine

If you want your chest and pecs to work twice as hard in the same amount of time it takes to perform normal reps, then you want to read what we have to say!!!!

Sooner or later all of us are looking to add a unique method to our current routines. Take this useful tip to cut down on your time trying to come up with effective exercises and new ways to effectively work your chest.

The muscles in your chest are one of the largest muscle groups in the body and typically you can spend an entire workout just getting the pump you want.

Rather than executing various exercises and additional sets and reps to your current program throw something new and unique to your workout that will turn heads in the gym. The next time you take that quick glance in the mirror you’ll notice how full your muscles are before you even really get into your regular routine.

SO here is the scoop.

The Flat Bench is a general area where people start there chest routine. Rather than jumping under the bar and busting out a few reps to warm up and gradually increase the weight until you feel warmed up try this.

Try what? Tell Me!

Take whatever weight you would normally complete 10 repetitions with and cut that just about in half. For example, if you can bench 225lbs 10 times with relative ease, drop the weight down to 125-135lbs. Now after you have loaded the barbell, take a strength band and wrap it on either side of the barbell and underneath the bench. After you are all set up make sure that the band has equal tension on either side. To do this check the tension of either side by pressing directly under the bench where the band is secured and feel for the appropriate tension on either side. Now second take another band of less tension than the one you used for the barbell set up and wrap it around a secure location. We will get to what that is all about in a second.

Set Up Video

Now Try it out!

Now slide under the bench and execute 10-15 reps as quickly as possible. Notice that the weight feel heavy at the top and gets less tense as you lower the bar down and becomes more tense as you press it back up. The bands provide a secure environment for you to go as quickly as possible without allowing momentum of the barbell to keep on moving up as your thrust the bar back up. You have just experienced Increased resistance.

Super Set's Video

Try This Super Set!

Now as soon as you completed the number of reps quickly get up and take the other band you wrapped around a secure location and perform one arm fly’s, also executing the exercise with a rapid/fast pace. Try to execute the same amount of reps on each arm to match the reps you just performed on the bench.

Take 30 seconds to rest and repeat!

Only do 2 sets of 15-20 reps for each exercise. The reason for the rapid pace is to recruit fast twitch muscle fibers before your actual benching routine. By doing this in the beginning you will get a major pump, and be ready to go into your chest routine.

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