Chicken Legs

Dec 16, 2013
Chicken Legs

Don't be that guy in the gym who gets the "Look"

Annihilate your chicken legs into growing…at home!

Leg crushing exercises that will balance out your body and burn tons of fat.


What kind of man are you?


Are you the kind of man who looks at his workout calendar and whose eyes begin to fill with joyful tears when it reads…LEG DAY? Maybe you’re the type of man who can’t wait to step into the squat rack, position yourself under the loaded bar and press out squat after agonizing squat until your quads and hamstrings feel as if they are being ripped apart. Might you be the same insane individual who thinks that weighted step ups and lunges until exhaustion should “just be a warm-up?” Could you possibly be the same guy that crushes out calf raise after calf raise, until those suckers squeal like pigs to the slaughter?


Or, are you the type of man who walks up to the squat rack, trembles (just kidding), and then simply walks past the squat rack? He who ultimately decides that getting on the stair stepper is the only leg workout that is needed?


If you identify with the first description, well then I commend you! You are a machine! You’re like the Terminator!  If instead you see yourself more like the second man? You, my friend, are also a machine, just more like Johnny 5 from ‘Short Circuit.’ Yes, I know Johnny 5 was nice. Is that what you want to be? Nice? Or do you want to be the Terminator? That is what I thought. If you want to be nice, hey, I understand, go take a Yoga class and get in touch with your thoughts. If instead you want to be a machine, then listen up. “Guys who are real machines…DO LEGS!”


I understand that not everyone can do leg workouts. If you have a chronic injury then you are, of course, excused. On the other hand, if the only reasons you can think of is that doing legs is really hard or that you are embarrassed because you can bicep curl more than you can squat. Then you need to know that these are not reasons, they are excuses.


What if I told you that you could get started building up your legs right away with little or no equipment what so ever? This workout is designed for many different types of people, but the results will be the same: stronger, more muscular legs. If you don’t have a gym membership this workout is a perfect way to build up your legs at home. For the person who has a membership but cant find time to get to the gym as much as they would like, you can now get your leg workout in and save time simultaneously. Finally, this workout is perfect for the average gym rat who loves to smash out all of the typical upper body exercises, but loathes when its time to “balance out” their hard earned physique with Leg Exercises.


Why is balance important?

Have you ever seen a bodybuilder on stage with a massive upper body and little tiny legs? Nope. What about an elite level athlete? Not there either. Maybe you don’t care to be a bodybuilder or an athlete, that’s fair.  If you are reading this though you probably care at least a little about your body though, you probably also care about the way it looks…don’t you

If you have built your upper body into something you are proud of, yet neglected putting effort into punishing your legs the same way, people will notice!


You know those guys you see at the gym, the guys you just know are wishing they looked half as good as you. They’re not wishing that. They are actually wondering what the hell happened to your legs! Why are they so darn small? Don’t believe me? Have you ever heard the term Chicken Legs? What about Light bulb syndrome? Think about it.  Even if you don’t have a problem with your skinny legs, you should know this; working out your legs burns a ton of calories. If that doesn’t inspire you to at least start working on your legs more than I don’t know what will.


The first thing you may have to do is get over your skepticism. “This working out your legs at home idea is just hogwash” you might say to yourself if you talk like someone from the 1920s. You would be wrong to say this to yourself. Try this:

Start with alternating jump lunges for one minute; try to knock out 30 reps if you can. Immediately go to the closest wall and do a static wall squat with your upper legs parallel to the floor, hold that position for one minute. How do you feel? Legs burning? Are you out of breath? Starting to sweat? That’s weird, since those are all things that you feel when you are WORKING OUT!


The exercises are grouped into three categories: Lunges, Squats and Plyometrics. Lunges consist of:

Static Lunge.

Forward Lunge.

Backward Lunge.

Isometric Lunge.

Side Lunge.

Box or Stairs Step Up.


Squats consist of:

Basic Squat.

Isometric Squat. (Isometric is a type of contraction where you hold the position in place.)

Wall Squat (Stability ball optional.)

Isometric Wall Squat (Stability ball optional.)


Plyometrics consist of:

Jump Squat.

Jump Squat to the side.

Jump Lunge.

Box/Stair Jumps.




If you are just beginning, start with just lunges and squats. As you progress and your legs become stronger, add in plyometric exercises. Start with doing three cycles of four exercises with one minute rests in between each exercise.


Squat Jumps: 30 repetitions.

Forward Lunges: 20 repetitions per leg.

Isometric Wall Squats: 30 seconds.

Step-ups: 20 repetitions per leg.

Repeat two more times.


As your legs develop, I would recommend adding more Isometric and Plyometric exercises to increase the difficulty as well as decrease the rest time in between exercises.

A good advanced cycle would be:

Isometric Lunge into a Jump Lunge: 15 repetitions per side.

Box Jumps: 15 Repetitions.

Isometric Wall Squat: 1 minute.

Step Ups: 20 repetitions per leg.

Repeat twice with 30-second rest time between exercises. When this becomes easy for you, then you truly are a machine!


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