Are you Skinny Fat?

Aug 25, 2010
Are you Skinny Fat?

If so, here is what you can do about it!

Okay ladies I know what some of you are thinking right now "what the heck is Skinny Fat and has Sean lost his mind?" I'll bet though that some of you out there know exactly what Skinny Fat is and may even be...oh my goodness...SKINNY FAT!!! Alright, enough rambling on my part, the phrase Skinny Fat originated during the Roman Empire to explain why people who may not be overweight, but might still have unhealthy amounts of body fat and an absence of muscle on their body.

Alright, it didn't actually come from the Roman Empire and I can't really trace where the phrase came from, however, I will tell you that it describes, an individual who might look slender in clothes but has a higher than average body fat.

How can that be???

Well I'm glad you asked. A person having little or no muscle development on their body can still have the appearance of being thin and still carry a significant amount of body fat on their frame. They have the illusion of being skinny, but in reality are really just fat and soft. If this still doesn't make sense then just look in your local supermarket's checkout lane and you'll easily identify this condition. Certain magazines have issues where they show pictures of celebrities at the beach in their swimsuits and bikinis. A lot of these celebrities are known to be sexy or fit, however, when you take a closer look, you see that they look a little "loose" right? Certain parts of their body droop and magically they look less in shape when they don't have clothes on.

This is how someone can be both SKINNY and FAT. Looking this way is actually not good for you and carries a lot of the same health hazards and risks that people who are overweight or obese have. What is worse is that Skinny Fat women tend to consider themselves healthy, so often times they do not work out or eat correctly. Your best option to identify if you are in this club is to get your body fat tested by your doctor or at a local gym (many gyms and health clubs offer free body fat testing.)

If this is you then you need to get started pronto!!!

Following a workout plan designed specifically for you and your goals would be a great start. Add in a healthy eating program, and you are definitely on your way from becoming Skinny Fat to Fit Toned. Patience is key with any workout program and in no time you will see your body change into one that you can be proud of.

Below are two beginning workouts to help you get you started. The first is for the gym and the second uses resistance bands and can be done at either the gym or in the convenience of your own home. Check out the Personal Trainer section for for accurate descriptions and images on how to properly execute each exercise.


At the Gym

Chest Press (machine or free weight) 3x8-12

Dumbbell Row 3x10-12

Bicep Curl 3x8-12

Overhead Tricep Extension 3x10-12

Lunges(each leg) 4x10-15

Abdominal Crunches 4x15-20


At Home

Push up(modify if needed) 3x8-12

Res. Band Row 3x10-15

Band Bicep Curl 3x10-12

Band Tricep Extension 3x10-12

Band Lunges 3x10-20

Band Abdominal Crunches 4x15-20


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