Behind The Back Curl- A Guide To Great Biceps

Jan 02, 2013
Behind The Back Curl- A Guide To Great Biceps

Why doesn't everyone you see train arms, actually have big arms?

Everyone who has ever stepped in a gym knows that Biceps are probably the most easy parts of your body to train. Well, that is the perception anyway.

Of course everyone does arms. After all its pretty easy to understand how to pick up a weight and curl your arm up right? Sounds easy enough anyway. If the idea behind simply curling your arm up to get big arms was all it takes then you would see a lot more people with nice looking arms walking around. The reality though is that you must know exactly what you are doing, what piece of equipment to use and what angles are best to net the results you are looking for.

In the below Video I outline one example of a way to get the results you want when you train arms. Try the Building Better arms program for a 4 week complete guide on getting the results you want when it comes to sculpting your arms.

Take care,
Mike McErlane

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