Benefits of One arm Band FLys

Aug 26, 2009
Benefits of One arm Band FLys

Easy enough, but the benefit is amazing

One arm band Fly


How to?

To execute the Single arm Band fly take one of the Strength bands and clip both end of the band to the handle. Place the band around a secure object and step out with your arm full extended. It is very important to use a base that does not have a sharp edge or rough texture as this could result in where and tear of the band. Always check the bands first for potential tears before you use them in any exercise. The band should be secured slightly behind your shoulder and at a 45 degree angle away from the body. If need be stagger your feet to gain more leverage throughout the movement. Place the opposite hand either on your hip or on your chest as shown in the video. Without rounding your shoulder squeeze the chest to the midline of your torso and extend back to the starting position.

Additional Benefits

When you perform this movement with the bands, you can execute this movement with more speed than you would with a normal cable set-up. The benefits of using the bands for this exercise are one…you can easily move right into a standing fly from a previous exercise without finding additional equipment, 2 you can perform this exercise with more speed to help better recruit type 2b Fast twitch muscle fibers, and 3 have the weight get increasingly heavier as your chest contracts thus making the exercise more difficult and consistent with the strength curve of the muscle throughout the range of motion with this exercise.


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