Body Buddies

Jan 20, 2010
Body Buddies

Get some support where you might not expect it!

Finding a Workout Partner


Many studies show that having a workout partner will increase your chances to see results, but it’s very important that you find the right one!


I’ve personally trained hundreds of people and also quietly observed thousands more as they find there way throughout fitness facilities, some obviously there to get in shape while others obviously there for other reasons…socialization.


Both are great reasons to join a fitness facility, but if you can coordinate both efforts you may be better off in the end. One of the many reasons people hire personal trainers is for the “accountability” factor and motivation.


Often times people know exactly what to do, but aren’t motivated enough to do it on their own, so they either hire a trainer, or look for a training partner. There are pro’s and con’s to hooking up with someone in the gym, so lets explore some of the reasons why you would want a partner and some of the reasons you wouldn’t.



1). Accountability- studies have shown that training with a workout partner can increase results substantially, so working out with a partner can drastically improve your chances of getting fit. If you know you need to meet someone at a certain time chances are you won’t stand them up as easily as you would hit the snooze button if you were on your own.


2). Creativity- Having an exercise partner will double your options provided both partners understand fitness and have some creative input on what to fun


3). Fun- It’s just a lot more fun when you exercise with a friend


4). Adult Time- Many new mothers complain of not having any adult interaction throughout the day. Picking a great workout partner will kill two birds with one stone. You can get fit and have adult conversation at the same time. A recent study found that new mothers who had fitness partners got more exercise than mothers with no partner support.


5). Less Intimidating- I’ve sold thousands of gym memberships over the years and found women to be especially intimidated to join large fitness chains, that’s why these “30 minute women’s facilities” have grown so successfully. If you join a gym membership with a friend, chances are the intimidation factor will be greatly diminished when doing that first class or getting on the weights.


6). Safety- Much like swimming, hiking, or surfing you’ll be much safer in the gym if you train with a partner. It helps to have a trustworthy friend over you when you have two heavy dumbbells hovering over your face.


7). Motivation- This goes hand in hand with accountability, but studies have shown that just a few motivating comments will help someone increase productivity in the gym.





1). It goes without saying; you should find someone who really wants to exercise. People tend to be flakey, getting a partner who constantly “no shows” complains the whole time, cries about their spouse or kids and just brings you down isn’t the right choice.


That’s really the only negative in my book, without getting into specifics about how an “un motivated” friend can ruin your fitness goals, so let’s explore finding the right partner.


Locating the ideal Body Buddy:


Choose a partner with a fitness level close to yours. If you are novice and you need to start slowly, don’t go get a world class athlete to train with, you should find someone who is at the same general fitness level as you as to not hold that person back and so you won’t push yourself too fast.

Find a partner who has the same fitness goals as you. If you want to gain weight and your partner wants to lose, this could create a problem right off the bat. Do your best to find someone who shares the same fitness needs.

Find a like minded friend. Having someone you have similar life goals with will keep you motivated both in and out of the gym. For example, if you are happily married and your new gym partner is single and loving it…this could create some problems down the line.

Don’t exercise with the opposite sex- This would be directed more towards someone in a relationship. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve seen “gym relationships” turn into more than that. Wisdom says be careful if you decide not to follow this friendly advice.

      Consider one of your kids- The gym is an excellent time to have meaningful     discussions outside of the house that build lasting bonds between parents and their children. In addition, setting a positive example to your children about healthy lifestyle choices is priceless.


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