Dancing Legs Routine

Nov 11, 2010
Dancing Legs Routine

So you say you want some Dancers Legs? Then You gotta read this

If you are longing for long, lean legs that dancer’s are famous for, shake up your current lower body training regimen and incorporate some isolation moves that will strengthen and lengthen your quads, hamstrings, glutes and calves. With some dedication and consistency to these exercises, look forward to creating long, lean lines from your hips, all the way down to your toes. These exercises can be preformed while holding a ballet barre or even a sturdy chair for balance. For more of a challenge, try “no-hands” by using your core for balance. Want more? Grab hold of a light set of dumbbells to increase the overall intensity of the work.

Dancer’s Circuit:

To truly benefit from the stretching and toning results of this workout, hit it at least 3 alternating days-per-week, completing 3-4 rounds of the entire circuit per-session. These exercises are recommended to be done barefoot to additionally strenghten the joints in ankles and feet.

Leg Sweeps

Perform 30 repetitions per leg and then switch to the opposite side • Stand with your left leg in front, right leg crossed behind it. • Standing tall, press-up onto your left toe, lifting your left heal off the ground as you kick up your right leg to the side directly from your hip, toe pointed. • As you return the right leg down, drop your left heal to the floor and cross your right leg behind your left. Bend both knees and squat into a plie with both legs. • Repeat the exercise by raising the right leg back up again.

Cross Jumps

Perform 30 jumps at a time • Stand tall with right leg crossed over left. • Bend your knees into a plie, jump up with toes pointed and open your legs. • Before landing back down, cross the left leg on front of the right leg and bend your knees back to a plie. Repeat and continue to cross and plie, so the front leg alternates for each repetition.

Reverse Fan Kicks

Perform 30 repetitions per leg and then switch to the opposite side • Stand tall with both heels under your hips. • Slightly bend your left knee and lower your upper body so your chest is square to the floor. • Reach back with your right leg straight and a strong pointed toe. • Rotate your right leg so the top of your foot is now facing the front of the room rather than the floor. • Slowly sweep your right leg around toward the front of the room, maintaining a straight, long extension in the leg. • Bend your right knee and place your right ankle on the inside of your left knee and stand tall.

Glute Raises

Perform 30 repetitions per leg and then switch to the opposite side • Stand tall with your heals under your hips • Drop your upper body keeping your chest square to the floor and reach back with your right leg, toe pointed. • Bend your left knee and raise your straightened right leg and squeeze your glute. • Straighten your left knee and you simultaneously lower your right leg so it is a few inches off the floor. Lift and lower, repeating the exercise on one side at a time until all required repetitions are completed.

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