Dangerous Curves Ahead

Mar 29, 2011
Dangerous Curves Ahead

If your looking for some shapely curves look no further.

Dangerous Curves Ahead

Is it possible to be toned and fit, yet still keep your sexy curves? The answer is YES! With this workout you can tighten up problem areas, while toning those dangerous curves to just the right size.

    Hips Don’t Lie: Hips have a tendency to either drive you crazy… or drive your man crazy! These exercises will strengthen your hips while also burning off excess fat to slim your hips into your skinny jeans. Pretty soon you will give Shakira a run for her money.

1. Side Lunge:  3x20 each leg
Begin Standing with legs slightly wider than hip width apart and a dumbbell in each hand. Your arms should hang at your sides. Step to the right placing all your weight in your right hip and leg, fully extending your left leg. Bend forward from your hips and reach the dumbbells toward the floor. Return to center. Switch sides and repeat.

2. Side Hop Taps: 3 x 2min
Begin in an athletic position, both legs bents and abs tight. Hop side to side as if jumping over the width of a yoga mat and tap the opposite foot. Be sure to bend your knees and land softly as you continue for several minutes.

    Bootylicious Back Side: If you want gorgeous glutes, maybe a little more toned than what your mama gave you, then these exercises are just for you! 

3. Squats: 4 x 8-12 
Begin with feet shoulder width apart and abs tight. Lower yourself into a squatting position, moving your hips back and down as if sitting, keeping weight in your heels. Drive yourself back up, keeping your core tight and legs engaged.

Set 1 -  No weights just your own body

Set 2-3 - Use 45lb standard bar

Set 4 - Add weight (20-90lbs)

4. Side Shuffles: 3 x 1 min
Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Shuffle to the right by stepping your left foot towards your right foot. Your left foot replaces the position of your right foot and your right foot steps out to the right, taking your body weight in the same direction. Sink down into a low squat and change directions, shuffling back to the left as you extend out of your squat.

5. Step-Ups: 2 x 25 each leg
Holding a dumbbell in each hand, place your one foot on a bench or chair. Keeping your abs tight and back straight, press through your heel, and squeeze your glutes to step up onto the bench or chair. Slowly drop back down to the starting position. Repeat on both sides.

    Six-Pack Attack! Nothing emphasizes those curves better than a toned, tiny waist. These exercises will strengthen your core and build a lean sexy waistline!

6. Forearm Side Plank: 2 x 1min each side
Begin lying on your side with your ankles, hips and shoulders in a straight line. Push up onto your forearm while stacking your ankles on top of each other. Hold the position, making sure to keep your body in a straight line from shoulder to ankle and squeezing your obliques to keep your hips off the ground.

7. V-Ups: 3x 25
Begin on your back with your legs extended and your arms at your sides, palms down. Pulling through your abs, hinge at your hips, to lift your legs and arms up to meet in the middle. Make sure your arms and legs stay straight, and your lower back stays pressed against the ground.

Chelsea Cruz
Team Sci Fit

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