Do you Deadlift? A tip from Mike McErlane

Dec 17, 2009
Do you Deadlift? A tip from Mike McErlane

Deadlifting isnt your normal exercise. Make sure you know how to perform it correctly

Yea, I do "Deads"

The Deadlift is one of the best movements/lifts/exercises to do if you want to gain size and strength. it is a full body movement, which means that is takes pretty much every muscle in your body to execute it correctly. Even though the majority of the emphasis put on the muscles is to the legs hips and back, once you finish a set you will be more out of breath than an hour of cardio.

The biggest problem most have isnt the fact that they dont deadlift, its that they do it with such horrible form and technique, they either do not get the benefits out of performing the lift as much as they should, or they end up hurting themselves and never deadlift again.

In the video below i attempt to help go over some of the moves to show what proper form should look like so that you can get the benefit without the injury.



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