Get a Defined Chest

Nov 04, 2010
Get a Defined Chest

Sometimes you gotta switch it up to get that defined look!

You want a chest?

What you are about to read will stimulate the kind of muscular development necessary to generate slabs of pectoral beef! We are talking about a chest that is rock hard with striations and a shelf atop that your hot ass girlfriend can rest her martini on between your sets. This program will help you develop a chest that would make Greek gods jealous. Before you jump into this program though it is important to understand what you have done to this point and why this program is different and will take your physique to a new level.

Let’s look at what you have done so far to get that granite chest?

Here’s my guess...First you did three sets of 6-8 reps on flat bench with a barbell to build mass. You followed that with three sets of 8-10 on inline bench. Following that you did dumbbell flies for three sets of 10-12.Then on a big chest day you threw in some decline bench. Am I close?You can’t figure out why your chest isn't growing. There is a good reason. That program sucks!

That is the perfect program to grow ant hills or ski slopes with nipples. That program will not build a massive chest with the pecs that should be discovered on an ancient statue of a gladiator. Read on and take notes...put the following in your workout log NOW. Stick to it and be intense if you want results!


  • General warm-up: 5-10 minutes on the treadmill or bike
  • Musculature specific warm-up 2 x 10-20 pushups
  • 5x8 Plyometric Pushups
  • 4x15-20 Incline DMB Bench Press
  • 4x15-20 Incline Cable Fly
  • 3x10-20 Weighted Dips
  • 3x15-20 Barbell Bench
  • 1x MAX REPS Pushups (Feet up)
  • 1xMAX REPS Pushups (Hands on Bar)

General Warm-Up: 5-10 minutes on the treadmill or bike

When doing any resistance training exercise program you are doing it to cause muscular adaptation. In order to make that happen you are going to be putting the muscles under extreme stress. If you do this without prepping the muscles you risk injury and major setbacks in your training. For this reason, anytime you engage in extreme results oriented training you must start with a general warm-up and prepare the body to grow. Hop on a bike/treadmill/or elliptical and get your ass moving for AT LEAST five minutes but NO MORE than ten minutes. If you don’t go for at least five minutes your body won’t be warm and ready and if you go for more than ten you will expend too much valuable energy on your warm-up.

Musculature Specific Warm-up

Once you have done a general warm up it is time to engage the musculature that is to be tested to the extreme. It is also vital to get the synovial fluid moving so your joints involved in the workout are ready to bear the stresses that they are about to undergo. In the musculature specific workout you will be doing a relatively easy movement that is similar to all other movements in the workout routine. For the chest workout that is a basic push-up. This is not to failure, it is just enough reps to start to feel the muscles pump we are about to abuse! This is just a couple sets of 10-20 reps to finish getting prepped for a massive workout.

5x6-8 Plyometric Pushups

For years you have been working the slow twitch muscle fibers in the chest. I have news for have neglected a major growth opportunity by not focusing more on the fast twitch muscles in the chest. What does that mean? It’s time to add plyometric training to your chest development. Five sets of 6-8 reps of Plyometric Pushups. When performing these pushups make sure your hands leave the ground on each rep. This ensures you are exploding off the ground.That is a result of the fast twitch muscle fibers firing on all cylinders. This will be a blast to the chest and stimulate new growth that you have been missing out on for years. A great way to do these pushups is with a clapping motion while in the air to make sure you are getting serious "hang-time" for serious results. Rest 30-45 seconds between sets. This is enough time to regroup but not too much that you lose your rhythm. As soon as you have done these chest blasters it is time to move on!

4x15-20 Incline DMB Bench Press

In order to develop a chest that will make all other men envious you MUST fill out the upper chest.How do you do that? Focus considerable efforts on exercises that develop the upper chest early in the workout. Doing this exercise early is a great way to be sure to stimulate the right musculature early when you have the energy to create the greatest adaptation.The Incline DMB Bench Press is one of the best exercises to build the chest. The dumbbells allow for a natural range of motion that is easier on the shoulders and allows a great range of motion with superior squeeze. These attributes are essential in any exercise for full muscular involvement. In this movement the dumbbells will move from the armpits and press up and together above the shoulders when at the top of the range of motion. You can have them touch at the top or not. The important thing to remember here is to squeeze the pecs as you press through the ROM (range of motion). You should feel the full pec becoming engorged with muscle pumping blood during this movement when you are doing it properly. The pump is amazing!

4x15-20 Incline Cable Fly

You are now ready to continue the assault on the upper chest. Place the origin of the cables at mid-thigh height. Grab those handles and get ready for an intense chest blast.With an upward sweeping motion "scoop and squeeze" the handles forward. Scoop upward and inward with the arms as you squeeze every single fiber in the chest. Let the arms stretch back to the starting position and repeat for the 15-20 reps.

Tip: the palms will remain facing upward for the duration of the movement. Squeeze the pinkies of each hand towards one another.

Congratulations!After completing those sets the upper chest will be screaming and you will be well on your way to the fullest looking chest you have ever had!

3x10-20 Weighted Dips

Now that you have blasted the upper chest it is time to bring the rest of the pecs into the game.Grab your weight belt and throw some plates on the chain and get to it. It’s time for weighted dips. None of your grandma dips here. This is all about deep reps (upper arms parallel or slightly deeper than parallel) and completely engulfing the chest muscles in burn as you press up and flex with each rep. You must feel the stretch as you lower into the dip and feel the rock hard squeeze in the chest as you press up. If you fail to get this feeling you are short changing yourself and delaying your results.Knock out your three sets of 10-20 reps.

3x15-20 Barbell Bench "The Binky"

At this point your chest is going to be like granite...Solid Pump! You have been wondering where the flat bench is. Well here is your security blanket "The Binky." You will now do three sets of standard barbell bench press. Be forewarned you will need a lighter weight than you typically would. A spotter is recommended. At this point your chest should be nearly shot. Now that you have your spotter in place use a weight about 50-60% of what you would usually use for your typical set of 10 reps and get to work. This seems like it would be too light but trust me. By the time you get to the third set your chest is going to be screaming for a break! Three sets of 15-20 reps and you are going to feel great! You have nearly finished the workout. Now it’s time to get back to bodyweight exercises for the wrap up.

1x MAX REPS Pushups (Feet up)

With as short of break as possible you will transition from the Barbell Bench Press to this Pushup exercise. Just when you thought the upper chest was done...Put your feet up on a bench and your hands on the floor. The key here is full range of motion. Drop the chest all the way to the floor and then press back up. This is only one set so don’t be a wuss. Do as many reps as you possibly can. Once you cannot press up for any more reps roll to your side (because at this point your arms should be worthless when it comes to supporting you) and get back to your feet. You are now ready for the final exercise.

1xMAX REPS Pushups (Hands on Bar)

Put your hands on a bar that is set at hip height. Keep your body flat and rep out the final set of pushups for this program. This is an easier variation on the pushup and is designed to pump massive amounts of blood into the pecs for the final pump. You should be going for a huge number of reps here. This is the absolute final set so give it your all and make change happen for you!

Workout complete!

Stretch and refuel with quality protein, carbs, and healthy fats. Do this workout once or twice a week depending on your schedule. Stick to it and you will feel the difference and they will see the change. This workout is the perfect way for you to develop that granite Greek god chest you have always wanted. Now I have given you the plan, the rest is up to you. Will you follow it and bring the intensity?

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