Get Better Muscle Growth with Unilateral Movements

Jun 15, 2009
Get Better Muscle Growth with Unilateral Movements

Get a bigger chest and well developed Pecs with this movment!!!

The Alternating DB Fly is a great exercise for developing strength and size in your chest. Most individuals in the gym however, almost always insist on executing this exercise with both arms.

Go Unilaterally
Performing this exercise unilaterally can give you an edge in further developing size in your chest. The reason is quite simple. Unilateral exercises allow the body to focus on one specific muscle contracting at a time rather then bilateral (both arms) movements.

A few other benefits

  • Focus more on the primary single muscle contracting, you inadvertently perform the movement with better technique.
  • Improve Strength imbalances in the body
  • Muscle coordination
  • Over-all Muscle Proprioception (Muscle awareness)


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