Great Tri-set Routine for your Shoulders

Mar 01, 2011
Great Tri-set Routine for your Shoulders

A great Tri set routine for your Shoulders

Sculpt Your Billboard

If your looking to build muscle and also scorch fat then you cant go wrong with Super sets, trisets, and High Intensity Interval Training types of programs. The shoulders are one of the billboards muscle groups of our body. In other words they are one of the first things people notice.

A terrific and brutal tri set to do the next time you train is executing the Alternating  Seated Stability Ball Dumbbell Shoulder Press, followed by the Side Lateral Raise with the bands, and finally finishing off the shoulders with the Band Front raise.

Execution of Movement

To execute the Stability Ball Dumbbell Press sit on a ball with your feet evenly placed out in front of you. take each dumbbell in either hand and bring them up to the shoulders. Once secure press up with one arm leaving the opposite arm in the retracted state and slowly return with the moving arm back down to the start and repeat with the opposite arm until all reps are complete. The benefit of sitting on a stability ball is that it forces your core to activate thus using more energy and muscle to be activated throughout the movement. By having this instability the stabilizing muscles become activated making the movement more difficult which can lead to greater gains the next time you execute on a seated fixed surface. Additionally, by alternating the arms you force the body to maintain even more stabilization and also focus each individual arm to work independently of the other. By alternating movements you can help the body over come strength imbalances due to bi-lateral training.


Next Phase

Once you finish the dumbbell Shoulder Press grab a band and execute side lateral raises. Step on the band evenly and make sure to cross it in front of you. The reason you cross the bands is that is places a better angle on the band to target the lateral delts when the arms are moving. Also by using the band the resistance gets increasingly heavier at the top which forces the muscles to recruit the fast twitch muscle fibers which are the muscle that grow the biggest and the strongest,. The second benefit of using the bands it that it allows for speed to become a factor because there is no momentum like when using free weight alone. When you are able to have the muscle move faster and the resistance get heavier as your range of motion increases…. research has shown that by using the bands in a fast rapid pace you will become significantly more powerful.

As soon as your complete the side lateral raises with the bands uncross the bands and now quickly execute the front raises to finish off the tri-set.

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The Program

Day 1
Exercise Sets Reps Muscle Group
Seated On Ball Dumbbell Military Press Alternating Arms 4 8 Shoulders
Tri-Set 0 0 TIPS
Standing Side Raise With Band Both Arms 4 10 Shoulders
Tri-Set 0 0 TIPS
Standing Front Raise With Band Both Arms 4 10 Shoulders
Standing Dumbbell Rear Delt Raise Both Arms 4 10 Shoulders
Standing Dumbbell Shrugs 4 15 Shoulders

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