How and Why Working out puts you in a GOOD Mood!!!

Nov 10, 2009
How and Why Working out puts you in a GOOD Mood!!!

The Exercise and Depression link.

Research done by the Mayo Clinic in Rochester,Minn. seem to suggest that one way to battle depression is through  working out. The reasons are not fully understood but seem to lead to the fact that exercise increases production of certain neurotransmitters like dopamine (feel good brain chemical) as well as endorphins. It is also shown to perhaps decrease the amount of cortisol( a stess chemical) in your body which has the double effect of calming one down allowing you to sleep better at night, who doesn't want that and reducing unwanted BODY FAT.


Work out your way to happy times!


Don't even get me started about the huge increase in SELF CONFIDENCE that comes with working out, whether it be to fit into that new dress, see your feet again from loss of belly fat or be the champion of your water aerobics or yoga class, working out just makes a person feel darn GOOD. Just ask anybody you see who you might consider a "gym regular" or daily runner why they workout so much, most will probably say they don't know "it just feels good". The studies show that a moderate program of 30 minutes a day, four to five days a week of exercise is sufficent to help with  depression, so if you are just starting out take it easy and work your way up. Also seek advice from a knowledgable source about what exercises are  best for beginners.

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