How to Multi-Task your Workout.

Feb 17, 2011
How to Multi-Task your Workout.

Getting the most out of your workouts in the shortest amount of time!

Stressed for time? Workouts getting boring? Not seeing the results of all of the hard work your putting into your body? All three? Am I going to do ask questions throughout this entire article? As fun as that sounds. No. The easiest answer to all of the aforementioned questions is that you need to consider Exercise Combining. I know what you’re saying, how do I Run and do Bicep Curls at the same time? Stop! Think about what you just said! After all, you would look very foolish.

Side note: if you want to make yourself smile, picture yourself running down the road doing bicep curls, I told you. More specifically combining resistance-training exercises together.

The Exercises

First example:

The Lunge with Bicep Curl. Start by taking dumbbells in each hand (definitely use dumbbells for this exercise, using a barbell could actually cause an injury, especially to guys, I think you can figure it out) and as you go down into the lunge position you simply curl the weight upward doing a normal bicep curl. When you come back up to the starting position you lower the weight back down.

Second example:

The Squat with Shoulder Press or if you are a beginner try the Ball Squat with Shoulder Press. Start with the weights at shoulder level, slowly lower down into the squat position and as you come upward slowly press the weights over your head in basic shoulder press form.

Third example:

Side Lunge Lateral Shoulder Raise. Start with the dumbbells at your sides, move sideways into your lunge and as you come back up to a standing position raise the dumbbells to shoulder height. These are just a small fraction of exercises you can combine together, get creative but keep it safe. We will have many more exercise combining tips to come and check out the videos if you want visual instruction on how to do any of the exercises listed above.

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