Make your waist look smaller without crunches.

Feb 17, 2011
Make your waist look smaller without crunches.

It's like vertical stripes but much better!!!

What’s the old adage again? Wear vertical stripes to give yourself the illusion of being thinner. This trick is all fine and dandy with clothes on…but what about when the clothes are off. Unless you have vertical stripes tattooed all over your body, in which case you have other problems to deal with, then the trick is how to make yourself appear thinner when there is nothing to cover you up.


The usual suspects are easy: Diet and Exercise, What if those are working to slow? Make your waist appear smaller by making your shoulders and upper back bigger. No, not Vin Diesel bigger but just a little bit more DEVELOPED than they are right now. The trick is in the illusion that it plays on the eye; think of it like an hour glass, if an object next to something increases in size than the original object appears smaller even if it isn’t. Like I said, the idea is not to make yourself look like an NFL lineman but to develop muscle definition in your shoulders and upper back.


According to a survey done of 700 women in at Cambridge University, women prefer a man with a V shape appearance or more specifically a waist-to-hip ratio of 0.75. When have you ever heard a women say “ I really like men who are shaped more like a pyramid” you don’t hear them say that because that just sounds weird, but also because women prefer a more V shaped look. Sure, your Arms and Abs get all of the accolades but I warn you do not neglect your Shoulders and Upper Back!!! Below is a basic Shoulder and Upper Back workout you can start out with. For a more detailed workout for your body check out the Trainer Feature.

Lat. Pulldown 3x12
Seated Rows 3x12
Shoulder Press 3x10-12
Lateral Raises 3x10
Frontal Raises 3x10

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