Mystery of the Light Bulb Men

Dec 23, 2010
Mystery of the Light Bulb Men

For your sake, I hope you are not one of them, but if you are here is what you can do about it!!!

The "Light Bulb Man", no he's not the guy that comes to your office to change out all of the light bulbs after hours. No he is most definitely not  the next super bad guy slated to fight Iron Man or Super Man, that would  be a stupid name for a bad guy anyway. The scariest part of all of this is that you...might actually be him. Who is this elusive ( or not so elusive depending on the gym you work out at)  character? I know you have seen him, we all have. He is the guy with the well developed upper body (sometimes overly developed) and the legs of an 8 year old girl (no offense to you 8 yr. old girls out there.) Does this sound like you or anybody you know or have seen in your local gym or health club?


The Light Bulb Man Revealed

The Light Bulb Man can often bench press a small car and bicep curl an oak tree but for some strange reason runs like hell from any squat, lunge or leg machine around, that is the Light Bulb Man's kryptonite. Do you see where the name comes from now, he looks like a human light bulb. Now if this is not you than there is nothing to worry about, just don't go introducing  Mr.Light Bulb Man at your local gym to the Squat Rack and Leg Press Machine and telling him he ought to start adding these to his workouts unless you want to be the next thing this guy bicep curls. For some reason this can be a touchy subject for these guys, the strange thing is most of the time these guys KNOW that they look disproportioned, they just choose to ignore it or wear pants all of the time. If this is you then you better pay attention to those pencils you call legs and start integrating leg exercises into your workouts, because believe me people do notice.


Symptoms of the Light Bulb Man Curse

If you think your pretty cool because your one of the most buff guys in your gym then I guarantee that the guys who are not so buff are looking at your legs and saying to themselves "well at least I don't look like that." If your main goal is to impress the ladies, they notice as well. Look at any study or survey asking women what they want "physically" in a man and body proportion is always at the top of the list, having legs like a chicken and an upper body like greek god is not proportional. If your goal is just overall good health than you should know that a person stimulates more natural growth hormones and burns more fat doing leg exercises than any other kind of exercise, also unless you walk on your hands(circus people don't count) then having strong legs is extremely important to your overall health. Having said all of this we are here to help. There are two ways of remedying this situation, and if I were you I would start doing these things now before shorts weather comes up and you are forced to wear pants all summer long like you always do.



Start adding leg exercises into your current workout routine alternating with upper body exercises, what this does is break up your monotony as well as keeps your heart pumping faster as it sends blood to your upper and lower body alternatively. This strategy also keeps you from making excuses to cancel every time leg days come up and I know you do this because I've heard them all: I'm too tired, I don't have enough time, my dog ate my legs, okay I made the last one up but seriously guys NO MORE EXCUSES! This is a sample of the first strategy I mentioned:

1.Bench Press

2.Leg Press Machine

3.Chest Flys


5.Overhead Tricep Ext.

6.Weighted Lunges

7.Bench Dips

8.Standing Calf raises



Do leg workout during the week. Begin with one day a week and increase it to two or three times a week as you progress. Guys I promise once you start doing this, it will become a part of your regular routine and less people will be making fun of you behind your back...okay all people will stop but don't let that go to your head, let that go to your legs( that last part was kind of corny so I apologize ahead of time, who actually says let that go to your legs?)

1.Barbell Squats 3x10-15

2.Weighted Lunges 3x10-12 each leg/ Weighted Jump Squats 3x10-12

4.Side Lunges 3x12-15 each leg

5.Standing Calf Raises 3x15-20

And again these are just examples, to find out what kind of workout is specifically for you check out the Personal Training section of this website.

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